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Annette’s executive coaching begins with creating a relationship based on values clarification – the foundation for all good decision-making. From there, we work together to create a values-based culture in your organization.

Coaching typically includes :

  • values clarification
  • assessing communication & leadership styles
  • reviewing vision & mission statements
  • aligning a plan of action with company goals
  • building a unified team by retaining top talent
  • financial management strategies


  • Inspire & engage employees
  • Open up lines of communications
  • Use inspiration to escape old patterns
  • Identify areas of growth

You are:

  • committed to ongoing learning & growth
  • ready to take your business to the next level
  • committed to ethical values
  • aiming for sustainable results


  • Develop time management skills
  • Identify marketplace shifts
  • Reduce turnover, retain employees
  • Create energy, engagement & excitement

Annette brings:

  • an honest & objective outside perspective while supporting you and your organization to achieve your dreams!
  • years of experience
  • strategizing and scaling business growth and development
  • techniques to improve team interaction to create a high performance team
  • building self awareness and leadership throughout the organization


  • Pivot faster to meet external demands
  • Motivate employees using the big picture
  • Define decision making processes
  • Move teams towards high performance

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“A coach is someone who tells you
what you don’t want to hear, who
has you see what you don’t want to
see, so you can be who you have
always known you could be!”
-Tom Landry
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