Why You Need a Coach

Hiring a Coach Will Make Your Business More Successful.

High performers in any field typically have a coach and/or mentor. In business, top performers and achievers use coaches for a variety of reasons. You too can gain similar leverage by using a coach.

Learn how to:

  • Market yourself more effectively
  • Improve your business management skills
  • Navigate critical change and growth
  • Capitalize on and develop more powerful leadership skills
  • Secure true employee engagement  
  • Get clear about your results through evaluation and feedback techniques and tools designed for your business

And sometimes, a coach can simply provide a neutral sounding board for you when big decisions are on the horizon.

Objectivity is one of the greatest benefits of working with a coach. Remember, it’s difficult to get a truly objective perspective on your own business. Your coach will always tell you the truth – even when you might not want to hear it, offer you a new frame of reference and, help you focus in on the right priorities at the right time.

At KLAR Coaching, we will provide you with the benefit of our experience, training and education, and guide you towards asking those questions that will help lead you to the best answers for your business. We will challenge you to think about your business in ways you wouldn’t do on your own.

Read the questions below.  If you answer NO to any questions or are unclear about the answers, contact KLAR Coaching and Consulting via telephone; in Canada: 604.484.7929  or in the USA: 360.603.4037 or via email  and let us help you transform strategy into reality.

Identifying Current and Potential Strengths of Your Business

  • Do you know what your distinctive skills are? (i.e. What you do best?)
  • Do you have clear, written strategic plans?
  • Do you have ideas that put you ahead of your competition?
  • Do you have testimonials from previous clients?
  • Do you have cost advantages over your competition?
  • Do you have the ability to access the funding to achieve desired:
  1. Marketing objectives
  2. Work output for anticipated growth
  3. Product ready innovations?

Identifying Current and Potential Weaknesses of Your Business

Do you have:

  • A clear vision of the future business growth you are aiming at for your company?
  • A clear timeline for your business growth?
  • A defined revenue stream you anticipate from your future growth?
  • The finances to step up your production/ share of the market to meet future growth demands?
  • Clear and objective knowledge about your market disadvantages? Or A plan to deal with them?
  • Any key skills or competencies missing that are needed to achieve the desired growth in your business?
  • Any inefficiencies in your operations that need to be dealt with before you can objectively achieve the growth in business and increased market share that you are aiming for?