Strategic Planning

KLAR Coaching & Consulting will help you develop a plan that is realistic for your business, aligns with your values, and helps you bring together your vision, your mission and the goals you want to meet in your business.

Executive Coaching

KLAR Coaching & Consulting works with Executives from a collaborative position, guiding their process as they develop their business. This is done in a way that enables the individual executive to

  1. define a leadership and decision-making style that works for him or her and the organization,
  2. develop a doable business plan with a defined time frame, and
  3. grow the business in a way that allows for integrating day to day operations with a vision of the future.

Leadership Development

Learning how to integrate not just what works for you but for the business you are running takes energy, time, and a clear vision of the values you hold and where you want your business to be 3, 5 and 10 years from now. That means knowing your strengths, weaknesses, red flags and triggers, and being aware of how you impact everyone in your organization. A difficult task, it takes someone outside your ‘box’ who is able to objectively assess and analyze what you are doing and helping you decide what you need to do more of, less of, or differently. Being aware of your impact and what impacts you will help you become a high performing leader in your field. KLAR Coaching & Consulting has the skills, training, and experience to guide you through this process.

Employee Engagement

Bring your employees onboard, engage them in strategizing service or production improvement, and still be captain of your ship. In today’s challenging economic environment, this is an important strategy for sustaining a business and retaining valuable employees. KLAR Coaching & Consulting employs the latest information on true engagement in the workplace.

Feedback Systems and Metrics

KLAR Coaching & Consulting uses a bank of surveys and templates that can be adapted to your business and your needs for measurement and feedback from employees and clients. Knowing how your business is functioning from inside and outside perspectives is important.  Objectivity is necessary to grow a business successfully.

Seminars and Retreats

Using the latest data from research in management, communications, and organizational development, KLAR Coaching & Consulting is able to facilitate half or full day seminars and retreats that help a business or organization redesign how they work, re-vision the future, and strategize business improvement.

Dreaming and Designing

The new term on the block of business development may sound like more fuzzy thinking and touchy feely exercises, but in fact is a change of approach on innovation within organizations. The nimble organization today needs the ability to adapt and change according to local and global market demands and economic shifts. KLAR Coaching & Consulting will help you redesign your approach to innovation and structure in a way that capitalizes on the talent, training, experience and intelligence of your employees and managers.

Hiring Practices

You want the best hires, the best workers, and committed, dedicated employees. That means using the latest information on hiring practices, adapting that information to your situation in a realistic and practical way. KLAR Coaching & Consulting is able to help you accomplish your goal of hiring and keeping the best employees.