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Below are some businesses we believe provide valuable services, that might be of interest to you, and could potentially contribute to your business success. We’ve provided a summary of their services and applicable contact information. We hope you find some of the resources useful. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Dominic Vogel - Proven Security Leader

Why small businesses should care about their cyber security  – Small businesses cannot afford to remain complacent about the risk of being a cyberattack target. The threat to small businesses is real and is a clear and present danger. Nearly 40% of the over 1 billion cyber-attacks in 2013 were targeted specifically at small companies. Small businesses may not think they have much to steal but they often hold a treasure trove of credit card details, customer names and addresses, and intellectual property. This can all translate into cash for cyber criminals.

Why small businesses are targeted by cyber criminals – Cybercriminals often use smaller businesses as a stepping stone into larger companies. Smaller suppliers or partners of large companies often “offer the path of least resistance” into a major corporation’s network. Another tactic more patient cybercriminals are using is targeting small companies in growth industries, such as health care or manufacturing. The bad guys hope that their targets could be acquired by a larger corporation in a year or two. Meanwhile, they lie in wait — if and when the company merges or is acquired, they gain access to breach the system of the larger parent company.

Why protecting your business is critical to its survival – Protecting the critical information of your business is a value proposition. Losing sensitive and mission critical information could mean a plunge in market share, your customers losing trust in your business, brand and reputation loss, and revenue loss. For a small business not taking cyber security seriously could be a death knell to your livelihood.

shutterstock_189535832Cyber Security done right – Effective cyber security doesn’t have to be expensive and it does not mean making rules that stifle creativity in the business. Cyber security done right allows for innovation and creativity to flourish. Protecting critical information protects corporate value. Best-in class businesses view information security as a value proposition and as a competitive differentiator — not merely as a deduction from the bottom line. In an environment where businesses are fighting to maintain and grow their customer base cyber security is becoming a source of competitive advantage.

Cyber Security is his passion – Dominic Vogel has an established track record of forming positive security cultures and has been intimately involved with IT Security in organizations of all sizes. As a business security leader he believes in relaying both risks and opportunities to the business units in an effective, digestible, and actionable manner. When risks and opportunities are explained correctly, security has the ability to empower business leaders to make faster and more effective decisions. He is a firm believer in delivering sustainable security that supports and protects business goals. Having worked with globally diverse organizations he has extensive security experience that has been forged over the past decade as an information security professional.

What Dominic offer small business owners  –
Dominic Vogel is passionate about helping small businesses tackle their cyber security problems. Security is not about buying expensive technology solutions. At its core it is about properly developing people and processes. If you are a small business owner or start-up that is in need of cyber security advice or guidance please contact Dominic as he would love to speak with you.

Why Dominic is different than typical security consultants – Dominic Vogel strives to provide pragmatic approaches to operational risk management and strategic risk assessment and information security program development. He loves problem solving and will cut to the core of the issue. He won’t inundate you with techno-babble: he will communicate to you in plain terms that you and your mother can understand. He does not sell security technologies. He provides solutions (not pricey security tools) that align to your unique business requirements and risk tolerance with the end goal of providing measurable risk reduction while enabling your business through effective integration and implementation of your technologies and processes.

Experience – Dominic Vogel has a wide-range of experience having served in critical roles in numerous projects including creating security strategies, policy development, endpoint security, and threat management in a multitude of industries (financial services, logistics, transportation, and government just to name a few). Dominic is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and holds a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Computing Science) from Simon Fraser University. Dominic is well regarded as a skilled communicator having been a security blogger for the renowned IT website TechRepublic.

Frequent Media Contributor –  Dominic Vogel is actively involved in the local security community and is the cyber security expert for Global BC, CKNW, News1130, and the Vancouver Sun. He is an accomplished speaker,  having performed as a keynote speaker for Blancco Canada Security Days, Vancouver IEEE Career Day, Delta Chamber of Commerce, NYIT Vancouver Cyber Security Symposium, Vancouver Enterprise Forum, and Vancouver ISACA.

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Twitter: @domvogel