The conversations are dependent on what the subject matter is or the reason the executive has hired the coach to work with her or him.
The executive sometimes sets the topic of meetings, depending on what is happening that is creating issues within the business.

Sometimes the coach sets the agenda topic to help the executive begin begin change processes at a pace he or she and the employees can handle, or facilitate a larger organizational change; and at times, a coach will set an agenda in a sequential pattern to help the executive see through a process over time, or to complete a time-limited project. Every circumstance and topic focus is different depending on the needs of the executive and the business.

Topics include: finances, business plans, employee engagement, budgeting, scaling of growth, marketing, large change processes, HR topics related to ensuring employee retention and loyalty, and many, many more. For more information, go to the ‘Services Page’, and ‘About KLAR Coaching Page’.