KLAR Coaching is not an expert-based practice. We are a guide-based practice. What does this mean? We believe that each company is different, has different strengths and weaknesses, different cultures, and individual needs ranging from the executives, to the directors, employees and other stakeholders. You know all that if you have been around for a while. But that said, the problems and issues that arise in each business and organization hold a similarity that is consistent – based on the people, behavior of people in groups, values they live by, and decision-making processes they choose. That is where KLAR focuses its work and why we can work in so many different fields.
We work to help guide our clients through their processes, and help them learn how to navigate through the ever-changing face of business and life as we now know it. We work to help executives evaluate their own personal leadership styles, and work with them to capitalize on strengths, get comfortable with their learning edges (OK, their weak points) and give them what they need to grow so they can help their businesses and employees also grow and develop. We guide executives through the minefields of human relations, business management and leadership challenges.

With long years of experience in administration and management in organizations, 15 years of small business ownership, a Master’s education, results oriented training, and six years of working with executives behind her, Annette has the knowledge and wisdom to help executives of small and mid-sized businesses and organizations succeed according to their own definition of success. Perhaps her greatest advantage is having made mistakes, learned from them, and moved forward.