“It’s hard to think outside the box when you’re in the box” – LJM Hamm, M.D.

KLAR Coaching and Consulting is focused on supporting business executives, owners and entrepreneurs of small and mid-sized businesses achieve their dreams.   We do this by helping them set strategically defined goals aimed at successful outcomes for them and the communities they serve.  Clarity is not always easy to achieve alone, particularly when you own a small business and you are pulled in many directions at the same time.

Thinking outside the box, finding new perspectives, and adding a fresh eye, is where KLAR Coaching and Consulting can help the most.  We will help you ask the right question to guide you to the right answers for your business.

Our role, as your business coach, is to help you achieve clarity about the foundations of your business, your values, your future vision and how to set a strategic course step by step that will lead to a financially viable and sustainable business that fulfills the mission and meets the vision.

Our sessions are leader-focused, personal and practical. We believe that there is not a single “best” leadership style that fits every executive or organization, so we offer customized leadership development, tailored to the specific needs of an executive and/or business.

For the entrepreneur creating a start-up, or the owner or executive of a small business, knowing when

  • You are ready to open a new business,
  • You are prepared to grow to meet growing demand effectively and efficiently,
  • It’s the time to plan to set up a new product line or service,
  • To scale back your business to meet an economic downturn without damaging future business prospects

These are all hard decisions to determine alone. KLAR Coaching and Consulting can be a great sounding board, a muse, a support for you as you undertake building your business. We will help you generate discussions, and help surface the best ideas. As your coach, we will help you choose and monitor the right metrics, and provide a buffer between dreams and reality.

KLAR Coaching and Consulting will help you in the following areas:

Operations and Strategic Design – clarify, define and set doable goals, strategies and plans that work for you without having to join a group, buy a pre-form program, or attend a course. KLAR Coaching will help you focus, get clear and do what needs to be done next in order to sustain and grow your business; it’s about getting to the heart of what is absolutely the next best step for your business or organization.

Annette will help you

  •  Find the right path forward for your organization or business operations
  •  Define a mission and purpose that speaks to everyone
  •  Design, Develop and Actualize your vision of the future
  •  Create workable a business plan to obtain capital and operating funds
  •  Frame an attainable marketing plan
  •  Design and establish a viable Strategic Plan aligned with your Vision
  •  Identify and integrate core values and ethics
  •  Generate the capacity for emergent innovation and sustainable business operations
  •  Determine the best tools and metrics to identify trends affecting your current Bottom Line

Small Steps with Big Results  – effective strategy is all about taking small steps to get big results. It doesn’t matter whether you are working for-profit or non-profit, definable, reachable, doable small steps will get you where you want to go – as long as you know where you want to end up! I’ll help with that clarification too. If your business is not doing what you thought it would do revenue-wise, you have missed some step in the process of building your business. Writing understandable, and doable goals is something that takes practice. Annette will help guide you through to greater clarity.

Financials – it’s all about balance between the left hand column and the right hand column of your business books. That simple. But it’s not necessarily simple to do alone. It’s about measuring what’s going out and what is coming in. It’s about choosing the right metrics to define successful achievement of small goals and project completions. Annette will work with you to ensure you have what you need around you to make keeping the financials under control.

Values Based Business – KLAR is focused on helping you determine those values that have meaning for you; Annette will help you use values-based decision-making processes that work to align all your efforts, personally and professionally, for your business or organization.

Thinking Outside the Box – finding new perspectives, adding a fresh eye, and getting clear about what is and isn’t happening in your business is where a coach from KLAR Coaching and Consulting can help. As my husband has said, “Hard to think outside the box when you’re in it.”

Employee Engagement – develop your people power; tap their creativity, talent, training, commitment and loyalty. Her work with you is designed to help you guide and coach your own employees to their highest level of performance.  That can only be good for your business.

Interpersonal Interactions – guide you to improved, productive interactions between you, your senior people, your frontline staff, suppliers and contractors, and customers. Relationships can be developed, finely tuned, and aligned with the mission of the organization with a little attention. They can be turned around where there are problems, and become generative; that is, you can energize your whole operation with the help of a coach.

Teamwork –find the hooks that will help you and your staff build more effective teams, and decrease the barriers inherent in most other organizations; capitalize on the skills, talents, training and experience you and the people around you bring to your business or organization, that are present and available among your staff or clients.  Together we will:

  •  Design, create and sustain a business culture where differences and diversity become strengths
  •  Create internal and external communication networks for functional transmission of information
  •  Promote creativity and adaptation where needed, stability and structure where required for operational consistency
  •  Develop potential for collaboration in complex, diverse work environments
  •  Capitalize on individual and group skills, talents, training and education
  •  Generate individual and group growth and development strategies
  •  Empower you to learn from errors and reposition for future success

Business Relationships – building a business is largely about building relationships that work – with customers, colleagues or professionals around you, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, other businesses, and the people who make up your target community – whether local or global. Annette will guide you through sessions designed to get the most out of all your interactions for your business.

The Challenges of Communication Systems – developing the open lines of communication in the web of interactions that you move through in the course of operations can be a challenge. At KLAR Coaching and Consulting, you will find a coach focused on helping you develop, refine, and monitor your communication systems using feedback mechanisms.

Internal and External Communications Systems – Annette’s history, experience, education and training have led her to work to simplify, clarify and operationalize communications for best transmission and least amount of dysfunction. Focusing on those who are sending and receiving the communications to ensure they are actually accomplishing the goal is part of the process.

Leadership skills – learn what counts in your situation when it comes to leadership, what leadership skills you have and can capitalize on, and what red flags you may personally have that keep you from leading more effectively. Identify how distributive leadership is or is not working to the benefit of your organization.

History of KLAR Coaching and Consulting

Annette has spent over a two decades in management, administration, teaching positions and labor relations mediation in large, mid-sized and small organizations, spent years as a working member of executive boards of non-profit organizations, and managed the challenges of owning and running her own small business.  Her experience has exposed her to the good, the bad and the ugly in organizations of all types and sizes; these impressions led her to believe that it’s all about the values we hold and the choices and decisions we make in our relationships in business and in life, that are consistent – or not, with those values.

KLAR Coaching and Consulting arose out of these experiences and her observations of the results of good and poor decision-making, toxic environments, destructive competition, great teamwork, and cultures of independence without alignment to clear purpose.  She has seen great talent, intelligence, and creativity wasted in attempts to drive forward with strong leadership in the face of growth and seen amazing collaborative results between merging corporations. These experiences and her focused education and training in systems theory, coaching and consulting in organizations, and interpersonal interactions theory, gives her ample ability to work with executives and leaders in businesses and organizations.

Every business or organization has its own challenges; but on the whole, working with people in groups, or serving them, is about relationships. A business cannot survive without people – either those that work with in it, those that supply it, or those who are served by it.  A non-profit organization is about providing some service to the community. Every business is attempting to fill some market gap in service to a community. It’s all about people; their needs, their wants, their values, their ability for choice and the demands of the cultural systems within which they operate.  So every business or organization is really about systems of communities and how they work together to create mutually satisfying benefits.

KLAR Coaching and Consulting is about working to create healthy communities that communicate and interact in mutually beneficial, purpose-focused ways, forging sustainable environments and cultures in which we all can thrive.